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Can't upgrade my storage facility from level 4 to level 5


I am at my resources limits (coins and supplies) - trying to upgrade and the upgrade screen shows I need people so bought some diamonds (2400) - - now when I try to upgrade it asks do I want to buy the people (+170 for 320 Diamonds?) and I say yes but it will not execute the in game purchase of people for my existing diamonds.

Have tried everything I can think of - logged out - closed down - restarted - etc etc - still will not work - is this a bug I need to go to Support for??


Sounds like you need to either level up your residences or make more of them to gain the population you need for the main hall upgrade

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
I would say the same as @My Shadow. If it let you upgrade your main hall with diamonds and you needed population, after the upgrade you would be in the negative on population as you don't have the residences to support them. This could be why it wont let you do it, IMO. Either upgrade existing residences or build a new one (or two) and upgrade them until you have enough population to upgrade your main hall.


Thank you both - I think I also asked this question in another thread and then posted a follow up saying I figured it out - the purchase of "people" with diamonds requires a magic residence - what was happening each time I tried to buy "people" I got this shadow "magic residence" with no place to place it so I kept thinking there was something wrong - there was - I needed to move some stuff around and placed the "magic residence" and then of course got my people upgrade - just my lack of knowledge about how some of the stuff works in the game since I have only been playing for a few days. Have the Main Hall upgraded now as well as 4 residences to level 5 - and that is kicking out the people I need - again thanks for the responses.