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Carpe Diem Guild US4 Recruiting we are Very Active, yet Laid Back


New Member
My name is CoraLee0809 in the game and I am a member of Carpe Diem Guild (US4 Khelonaar), I've been in this fellowship since June of 2020 :)

Are you looking for a fellowship in which to grow your city at your own pace? Would you like to participate in FA's, Tourneys, and Spire, but not be expected to complete minimum requirements because you have a real life? Join us in Carpe Diem Guild. We are a long established fellowship that has members who haven't reached guest races yet, to those who have been playing for years and are in Chapter 15 (The Elvenar) We care about one another, are respectful to each other and understand that real life always comes first. One of our mottos is We Do What We Can. We love to answer questions and help one another as much as possible. With that being said, we are an active group that participates in FA's, Spire and Tourneys and we generally get 8 chests, bronze in the spire, and complete 1 path on all 3 maps in the FA. We also try to visit daily. We have space for 2 at the moment. If you are boosted in steel, crystal, or elixir, even better! If this sounds like the type of fellowship you would like to join please send us a request :) Or if you have further questions feel free to message me in game, CoraLee0809 in Khelonaar US4 or of course, reply to this thread :)