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Castles in the mountains?


I love this game and have been playing for a few months now. Something I like to do is to go visit much higher level players' cities and check out what the different buildings look like once they have leveled up, different cultural buildings, etc. I have noticed that most high level players have what looks like special castles in their mountains. I am sure that it will be a while before I reach this level (I am currently about to finish chapter III), but I am curious what these are called and how you get them? I also spend a good deal of time on the wiki but I have yet to come across exactly what these are.

Thank you for your help!


It used to be you could click on one of those mountains and be taken to the actual wonder. What happened to that feature?


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Someone mentioned it was causing issues with miss-clicks and was deactivated. No clue if it will return or not.