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Cater or fight

Mont Clair

Active Member
So how many of yous do it this way?

To answer OP's original q: currently, I am doing a mix of both. However, eventually, I want to be military-based as it makes more sense to use the military troops over expending an increasingly large amount of goods per round as you progress through chapters. I have my setups, but I will need more materials to evolve/upgrade.


The Goblin's Magic Dust Manufactory evolutions are pretty.
Oh yes, they're fantastic! I LOVEEEE what it's done to my city...:oops:


Can't help but snicker at how appropriate the design fits your city name, lol.
It also used to be that the biggest city in our FS was our Central Bank and I was the Retail Bank as the person with the second highest inventory for handling internal trades. Now fellows have to go shopping at the museum souvenir shop to get their goods instead of the retail bank. I'm also the archmage, which makes my city the capitol of our FS. The mages have to gather at the museum to conduct important business affairs. :D


Also, this guy is my profile image for that city now. He works in the souvenir shop and the helmet is an unfortunate part of his uniform that he has to wear all day.

The Fairy

Well-Known Member
So in my game I cater the spire then fight T unless I come across one that I will lose too many troops . About done with orcs, someone suggested I should turn to catering T n fight the spire because sediment goods will be in spire n not in the T,said it would be easier.Fighting the spire seems hard because of the waves. So how many of yous do it this way?Right now it seems to work great in my favor thanks.

If I don't have enough troops to fight both tourney and spire then I prioritize fighting in spire, especially the 3rd stage and the bosses on the first 2 stages since they require 6 or more different items when catering. But my general strategy (both in small and big cities) is to fight as much as possible, work towards being able to auto-fight all the spire and most of the tourney and then cater some of the later tourney provinces when I expect heavy losses if fighting.

I am not scared of multi waves battles (but I may be naive...). I auto-fight exclusively and usually pick 5 identical troops (then I don't need to worry about the AI sending my troops against the wrong enemies). So for multi wave encounters I think of them as 10 or 15 enemy troops instead of 5 and pick the troop I think is best against those 10 or 15 enemy troops. And I always have several buffers to make my troops stronger (fighting wonders, fed fire phoenix, 5 day booster buildings) - that is the only way I can win;)

Kawhi is a Raptor

Active Member
@nativedeer Experiment and find your own balance for what works best for you. I have two "figther cities" (ch 15 and 16) with 10k tournament points but I cater the nasty fights with bad enemy compositions (where I would lose a lot of troops, if I can even win). On the other hand there are easy compositions that you almost always want to fight (because you will have almost no losses). Imo that is the better way to decide if you want to fight or cater an encounter than to split in tournament and spire or something like that.

yeah same

i've also decided to stop progressing in ch 15 so mana/orcs/supplies/gold are superfluous for me - if i see a battle that requires 2 of these plus a good then i snap cater