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    Your Elvenar Team

Chaotic Cult Recruiting


New Member
Greetings Elves & Humans of Elvenar! :elf: :human:
don't let the fellowship name deceive you, we are a friendly bunch of elvenar players looking for a few more to join us

We're looking to fill a couple of inactive/open spots in our fellowship. We have members spanning chapters 2-18, with scores of 1k all the way up to 1.3 million, and we're ranked #77 (and always moving up)
Current chapter/score does not matter as much as being active and a willingness to grow your city, we've had some amazing newer players join last year who are now well into the 100, 200 & even 300k+ score range.

Here a few things to know about the fellowship:
:diamond:We get 10 chests every tournament, and we recently got the 11th chest one week. You can expect a solid 10 chest weekly if you join us!
:diamond:Spire : silver/bronze depending on the week, with a few more members silver should be more consistent!
:diamond:We build boosted manufactories and trade for the rest

:diamond:KP exchange threads for Ancient Wonders
:diamond:A fun and helpful group of players, of course :)

If you're interested, respond here or message Caanna or Maavra in game!

We're in need of some boosted good combos more than others, so if you can, please let us know your 3 boosted goods.



New Member
Specific boosts combos we need the most:
:plank: Planks :silk: Silk :magicdust: Magic Dust
:steel: Steel :crystal: Crystal :elixir:Elixir

Consider messaging with other boosts too, the one we really don't need is gems, so anything but gems might work!