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Discussion Chapter 16 Embassies


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@Nightguest could we please rename this thread heading to "Chapter 16 - Embassies - Discussion". It was harder than needed to find when searching as Chapter 16 or Chapter XVI does not give results.
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Apparently ALL the technologies do not need to be completed before advancing to Chapter 17. After completing the Refined Main Hall, I completed the Advanced Trader in Chapter 17. I'll may regret this eventually, but I don't see any reason to go back and complete the Union Street and Improved Meditation Circle.


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That is correct, same as for earlier chapters which had voluntary technologies.
I will complete Union St for the culture upgrade it will give my roads, and probably also the Improved Meditation Circle for the boosted production.


Two early cultures, 2 squads, an Expansion or two, both AW's, and the newer street type, plus some Settlement stuff not needed at all if one PP's certain productions this Chapter, are all optional.

I skipped the last Meditation Circle. The last Expansion can be done later.

Best however to do the two late Chapter optional AW's and the street, as they all demand lots of Portal output that can be spelled out quickly with PP's, but not done at all (or one of three can be if the Portal stuff is left behind) if one moves on and disables PP spells for that Chapter, or sells off Settlement buildings not as useful to build at all as in most earlier Chapters.