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Discussion Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

I have started chapter 19, and overdid my preparation for this chapter, so if anyone can use my notes then you can find them here:

Note that I have only just started the chapter, so I may change my plan when I actually play the chapter... If anyone has any suggestions for changes please let me know!
Thanks, I'm saving a copy to use when I eventually get there.


Oh Wise One
It's been almost exactly 1 year since this chapter was announced. At the time it was announced, I had my cities parked at the start of chapter 16. However I use Rangers and Cerberus a lot and I thought getting promotions for them was a worthy goal, so this chapter is what spurred me to resume advancing through the tech tree. In a year's time I've done chapters 16, 17, and 18. Currently about a month into this chapter. But it looks like it is going to be a prolonged slog making all the creatures necessary to unlock tech advances.


Oh Wise One
Ok, I have my Fortress of Revenge upgraded to L3. My Breeding Facilities are all at L2 and I am currently working on the tech to upgrade them further. I have already made enough Ultimate Creatures to unlock the Breeding Facility upgrade. Should I keep making Ultimate Creatures? Doing so will slow down my accumulation of Creatures of the Light. Or should I stop for now? I guess what I am really asking is: will Creatures of Light and Dark be the bottleneck in the last half or the chapter? Or will Ultimate Creatures be the bottleneck?


Oh Wise One
I have my Fortress of Revenge to L3. Although I am still a long ways off in the tech tree from the final upgrade, I am getting close to having enough dark matter to do it. Once I get all the dark matter I need, is it possible to get rid of the Towers to free up space to upgrade my Breeding Facilities? And just run my Breeding Facilities off of portal profits? I do have a decent stockpile of PPs and I top the spire weekly. I am just not sure how expensive running everything solely off PPs will be for the rest of the chapter.


Tetris Master
@Henroo Yes I used portal profits for White and Black Magic as soon as I had enough Light and Black Matter from selling Towers. Getting all the Towers out of the way early saved me lots of space.