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Discussion Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Ahh, but #2 says 'Scout or Complete', whereas the others are 'Complete'. (Personally, I have 24 scouted but incomplete provinces.)

I am already at about 660 completed provinces, so I have no idea how that will look to someone who barely has the 560 needed to start the chapter. but do you really think someone with 560 provinces completed would be made to scout another 40 at around 4 days or so per scout? No, the number has to be wrong.


Active Member
That is like saying that is what time instants are for when any of the chapters that were added before time instants existed.

Not sure what you're getting at here? Time instants do exist now, so why not write quests that assume players will have some and expect/assume that players will utilize all of their available resources to complete quests?

That is not how they write the game.

How do you know?

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
Well, I just decided to come to a screeching halt on this chapter. I started adding up millions of seeds needed for upgrades, AW, etc. so I filled up my space for the settlement with seed producing buildings including older event ones I can sell off. Now I'm just planning to get as far as I can through research until I have to have the settlement. The quests will catch up when I start focusing on the guest race so it seems like the least stressful solution to me.

I also wanted to comment on the time instants. I'm thinking it is assumed that they will be used to get through the events fast enough to have enough event currency for early dailies. There were also a whole lot of events before time instants existed. I'm thinking the devs do consider the availability of time boosts in their planning at least some of the time.
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Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Next Installment on Questline. I want to point out that source Brummbaer, a leading Beta player, has for standard boosts Marble/Silk/Gems. This may affect the rewards given. If so, please let me know.

Title: Admirer of the Villain
41Collect 200,000 Unurium
42aHave 10 Towers2 broken rune shards, 1 Pet Food
42bHave 10 Breeding Facilities
43aUnlock Stone Heart Streets20,000 Ignited Ingots
43bHave at least 40 Stone Heart Streets

44aBreed 10,000 Creatures of the Light2,000 Creatures of the Light
3000 Creatures of the Night
44bBreed 15,000 Creatures of the Night

45Upgrade your Training Ground to level 327500 Gruff Orc Warriors
46Unlock Traditional Elixir Manufactory Upgrades28,000 Silly Soap
47Collect 100,000 Silly Soap25,000 Divine Seeds
48Unlock Goblins' Magic Dust Manufactory Upgrades28,000 Alloy Shrooms
49Collect 100,000 Alloy Shrooms12,000 Orcs
50Unlock Core Cracking Gems Manufactory Upgrades28,0000 Cosmic Bismuth
51Collect 100, 000 Cosmic Bismuth30, 000 Unurium
52Have 8 Breeding Facilities of at least level 2100,000 Black Magic
Title: The Ultimate Army
53aUnlock Fortress of Revenge Upgrades4 Power of Provision Spells
53bCollect 4 Black Matter

54Upgrade the Fortress of Revenge to level 22 x 8hr time booster
55Breed 500 Ultimate Creatures2 x 5KP Instants
56Sell Towers of Light or Towers of Darkness 5 times4 x 2hr time booster
57Unlock Breeding Facility Upgrades180,000 Mana
58Have 6 Breeding Facilities Level 34 x Magical Manufacturing Spells
59aUpgrade Mercenary Camp to Level 241 x Portal Profit 10%
59bTrain 20,000 Ranger Pro II
60aUnlock Optimally Prepared Workshops3 x Supply Windfall 5%
60bUnlock Optimally Prepared Main Hall
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Active Member
As @Yogi Dave suggested, Quest #2 isn't quite what we were assuming: It's Scout (one) Province -OR- have 600 completed provinces.


Well-Known Member
As @Yogi Dave suggested, Quest #2 isn't quite what we were assuming: It's Scout (one) Province -OR- have 600 completed provinces.View attachment 11091

This makes sense to me. Imagine that the quest was just to scout a province. Then the people who have completed a large number of provinces already would grumble, so if you already completed enough (600+), then you are now exempt.

TL;DR: This says to scout a province, unless you already have 600 completed, then you're exempt.

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Well-Known Member
42a Have 10 Towers 42bHave 10 Breeding Facilities :oops::oops::oops:

riiiiggghhhhttt .... i was looking at that too....

Seriously? At the same time? I really am hoping that isn't the case :confused: That is more than HUGE!

Yes it can be done if you have/make the space.
As for needing them all at the same time, I think not. It is 2 separate part of the quest, but if you (or anyone) get there, plz let us know! :)

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
I have figured out how to put out the 10 + 10 for quest #42 but I'm hoping someone knows whether towers and breeding facilities can be stored. I'm thinking breeding facilities should be fire since they are like any other guest race buildings. My concern is the towers since they expire.