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Chapter 20


Well-Known Member
Anybody have a different idea against HR and Mages -- especially with a dog thrown into the mix?

Without the dog, the best way to fight a HR/Mage lineup would be to use 5 mage units. They will have the advantage against the HR and will be neutral against the other mages. But once things like a fed Fire Phoenix, Dragon Abbey bonus, and a Magnificent Mage building are taken into account, your mages are actually quite a bit better.

The dog complicates things. Under those circumstances I think it really matters exactly which HR unit you are facing. Steinlings and Crazy Cannoneers do not have that strong a buff against light melee. If those are the HR units then I would probably use dogs against a mage/HR/LM combo. Or possibly a combo of 3 dogs and 2 frogs, depending on how many mage units vs HR units there are.

However Orc Deserters have very strong buffs against LM but not nearly as much against LR. If the enemy HR unit is an Orc Deserter then I would not use dogs. If facing Mage/HR/ LM under these circumstances and the mages are the dominant unit I would probably go with 3 Rangers and 2 Frogs. If HR units are the dominant unit and there is only a single dog, I'd consider 3 mages and 2 frogs. Hopefully the frogs kill the dog before it eats too many mages. If it is mainly HR and dogs with a single mage, I might use 5 units of HM. They will take a few licks from the mage, but will be so strong against the HR and dogs they will eventually just overrun everything.


It's not possible though in the later chapters, which is my main point.

If you suddenly by the time you hit Amunii now *MUST* have at least a Lv10 Fire Chicken + at min an Unleashed Unit + either a Mage or Light Range booster building, just to maintain the exact same minimums as previous, then the game balance is massively out of whack and the devs have miserably failed at their job.
I'm not suggesting the game become stupidly easy. I just think it's a gakfest that by a certain point, you're actively encouraged to stop advancing entirely if you enjoy playing features like the Spire/Tournament...

My Ch8 + Ch9 cities for example can functionally manage to maintain Lv2 of the Spire + 1800pts per week in the tournament with 0 add-on boosters. I just have some buffs from MM/Sanc + Needles, and production boosts from Bulwark + Shrooms. It costs me a reasonable amount, my factories are buffed with numerous event buildings to provide 10,000's of additional goods production for example.
Though catering the 2nd floor entirely in my Ch9 city can get stupid if the RNG demands Orks for 50% or more of the encounters, as Ork production is extremely low early on... (hence why IMHO, Orks + Mana et all, should not be required until +2 chapters beyond their introduction)

On the other hand, my dad's Ch18-19 cities absolutely *MUST* put down at minimum a Dwarven Armourer + UUU+MMM+ELR & feed a Lv10 Fire Chicken to clear the Spire. Without those, even the first floor will have encounters that cannot be fought, either due to the nightmare terrain screw over, and/or terrible enemy unit comp.
And don't even suggest negotiating, since it becomes both unsustainably expensive, AND, requires too many of the limited/decaying resources to even contemplate.

This needs to be rebalanced.
I cater from bottom to top almost exclusively. I've done this from day one of the Spire. So it's sustainable for me, anyway. Once in a while, I'll fight to see how it is, but I like preserving my troops for the tournament. That's how my play style is balanced between negotiating/catering/convincing and auto-fighting.