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Chapter 3 Steel Crystal Elixer seeking active tournament FS


New Member
I have just started chapter 3. I am only producing boosted items except during events. I have been playing for a month. I log in several times a day. This is my first city and the one I've invested diamonds into. I will be finishing the halloween event tomorrow. I visit my neighbors and FS members daily, except when the current event makes it a better choice to hold off for a few hours or half a day.

I am looking for a group that consistently hits five chest or more. If you have an organized AW KP trading method, that would be a bonus. I feel a sense of guilt if I add a bunch of KP at the end of someone's AW to secure a shard.

I have been an online gamer since the early nineties and a member of many the top clans/guilds in various games. I look forward to playing with you.



New Member
I would selfishly welcome you to our fellowship, but I fear we would hold you back. Maybe a fellowship that is more established would be best for you. Either way, welcome to Elvenar and good luck to you!

Best regards,


New Member
US-Elcysandir: If you haven't already found a fellowship, we are very active in all aspects of the game and helpful to new members. We have a FB page also. Communication is strong. Check out our overview page. We are Fellowship of the Rings on US Server Elcysandir. Apply to Archmage RickHays. We currently rank #25 (we have several inactive players that won't be with us much longer), have been in upper teens, have finished #9 in Fellowship Adventures and get # 10 Chest occasionally. You haven't stated what server you are on, so if you are on ours, check us out!