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Chat Stopped Working after FA Completion


Active Member
Game version: v1.49.2-(b47f61ae8) (2018-03-08 9:08)
Game world: US Arendyll, Winyandor, Felyndral, Khelonaar, Elcysandir, Sinya Arda and Ceravyn
Browser + version: Chrom/Firefox, etc.
Account name: BlackthornRaven
Humans or Elves: Both
Current situation: The chat window has stopped working in all worlds for myself and all members of each fellowship I run. This began as soon as the Fellowship Adventures countdown was complete.

Expected situation: The chat windows (in all worlds) to work again, for all players. :)


Well-Known Member
us3 aka Felyndral, also not working :(

Just accepted 2 new people into FS, and can't welcome them in chat.
No worries, PM's still working thank heavens :p


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Everyone please check now and let us know if chat is back up for you.


Active Member
This morning the chat is really laggy and still not working for some. I have to refresh my page frequently to get the chat box up again. Hopefully that goes away soon!