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Checkin out the competitions


I hope to compete in the next round of both, wonder about jeopardy?
aren't the the answers spose to be in the form of a question i saw Gotn would have correctly submitted answers.
also the title board would come from wheel of fortune
that might make the characters names maybe
Pat Nosayjack and Vanna Blue
used an idea i was mulln' in my smoke post, still got 3 more rattlin round me head.
guess going to have to post in forum what i used to muse on in a chat room ; P or :p i like mine its both wink and rasberry


i ramble when i type i have parkinson tremors and dont whear my glasses , most people understand and if i took time to edit all coves. wopld taaake forever i'd stop msg
as fare as smoke post
it was spose 2 b phunny bit based on the song "Flying purple people eater " and of the danger of smokn' the unknown
and of me being board at that moment
hope a few who know the song might get a a smile or a lol

: P <-wink w/ rasbeerry


sorry i thought this section of the lounge was open topics , ie.. anything ?


no sorry it was the post prior to yours. but we just deleted it