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Choosing the skin on an evo building?


Well-Known Member
So I got to thinking as I look at my perpetually level 4 brown bear (Lack of artifacts seems to be a thing in Elcy. Entire run for Gingys and I came up nil.) and my currently level 3 red panda, and I remember how cute my Ashen Phoenix was early on. Now it reminds me of a peacock. (I call it Lucy. Props for those who get it.)
red panda lvl 3.jpg
brown bear lvl 4.jpg

What if there were a use for those two artifacts that come from the FA that those who get ten artifacts in the event run don't need? (Except in bear and phoenix cases to trade for earlier artifacts.) What if they could be used to access level 10-Art?

Obviously this wouldn't be something to everybody's tastes, but with a reliance on already present artifacts, it would keep it f2p for those who're in FS that would put in the effort. But what if we could feed it another artifact and it would let us choose which of the level artworks we wanted to display? If you feed it two, it could rotate between the different artworks - maybe you get to choose which artworks by how many artifacts over 10 you feed the base.

I think the art department works awfully hard on these, and frankly, most of us blaze through them very quickly because we want the benefit the building gives us at max level. I just think it would be interesting if there were a way to be able to select the skin I want to see in my city.

Do I think this could be a coding nightmare? Yes, yes I do. Do I think the devs would spend their time on other things before even considering this? Yes, yes I do. Hence why this is not a formatted I&S idea and just a discussion thread.

What do you think? Would it be cool if we could choose which skin our evolving buildings show without having to stop evolving them? (i.e.: You get level 10 benefits and can keep a row of eggs if you want.)

And just for fun: do you have a favorite evolving building artwork before you reached level 10?

[Apologies if I missed a previous discussion thread about this same thing. It's a big forum.]


Well-Known Member
And just for fun: do you have a favorite evolving building artwork before you reached level 10?

My Aureate Phoenix had really pretty sparkle swirls around the egg before it hatched. Now it just looks like a big golden duck.

I actually stopped evolving my Witch's Hut before it reached stage 10 (even though I have the artifacts) because I like the little ghost cat. I looked at some other people's cities and the cat seems to go away at stage 10. (Well, I think it's inside the house, but I like it outside.) I don't need the additional production that much (yet), so I'm sitting on it for now.

Sir Squirrel

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Yeah INNO is way behind the curve on skins, a lot of other games make their money almost exclusively by selling skins for stuff in the game. This is another great idea for the addition of skins. It is a shame they don't the artwork and animations are great. It would be great to have some skins to change our buildings to stages we like. I loved the blue Main Hall in humans back in chapter 4 or 5. While skins for regular buildings would be hard because they change size and rotation every couple chapters, evolving buildings would be easier because the base stays the same size and for your idea the artwork is already there.
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Deborah M

Well-Known Member
Darn! I had forgotten about the cat with the Witch's Hut. I actually had to look to see it is gone :( The ones I have always thought are a bit lazy on the devs side are the AWs. I remember really wanting to reach the level where a few did change with upgrades. It seems really lackluster to me that for years now none of them have changed at all. I wonder how hard it would be to add any small change to indicate progress so a level 1 all the way to level 35 don't look exactly the same. That's something I would bet they could make $ on for :diamond: if they had skins available.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Yeah AW's stay the same size and shape too, but would need more artwork for different skins. My pet peeve is that now that I have all magic workshops and residences I would prefer to have the matching Main Hall (the blue colored one) for both upgrades! lol


Active Member
I was just thinking of this yesterday. I have a level 8 brown bear in one city and am excited to get it to 10, but 8 is my favorite artwork and I would love to be able to get level 10 benefits with level 8 artwork. And the ghost cat! I almost stopped evolving my witch hut there too.


How much artistic effort for nothing? Let players pay to downgrade artwork while maintaining upgraded stats.
100% agree. I'd love to be able to go back and cycle through the art for every level of every building I own, especially the evolving ones, since for me, the art is the most interesting part of the game. Yeah, it's probably not gonna happen, but we can dream.