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City Expansions after Main Hall Upgrade


Game version: _v1.18.7-(f0301c9) (2016-11-23 10:27)_
Game world: _Arendyll_
Browser + version: _Internet Explorer 11.447.14393.0_
Flash Player version: _23.0.0.207_
Operating System: _Windows 10 Pro_
Screen resolution: _1920 x 1080_
Account name: _Cleverphox_
Humans or Elves: _Humans_

Reproducibility: _5_/5

Quest title: _n/a_

Current situation:
_After each upgrade to the Main Hall in the past, the game would allow for one additional City Expansion. Once I got into the Age of Dwarves VI the City Expansions after Main Hall upgrades don't come up anymore_

Expected situation:
_I fully expected that the City Expansions would continue for each Main Hall upgrade. Is there something that I wasn't aware of? It shouldn't be related to my premium purchases of City Expansions as they are based upon a completely different set of circumstances (I had money that I paid you)_

Reproduction Steps
1. _Upgrade Main Hall_
2. _Buildings Icon_
3. _Expansions Tab_
4. _<no City Expansion available>_


Mathematician par Excellence
This was changed a few updates ago.
Expansions are no longer tied to your MH level.
First they changed it so all 33 premium expansion are available from day 1, then with the last update it was reduced to 23.


Currently, you only get city expansions after unlocking the city expansion in your research menu. Expansions are no longer tied to your Main Hall as @SoggyShorts said.