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Open City Expansions

Sunbeam cat

New Member
Hi Staff and Fellow Gamers like me :)

I do not know if its a unique problem, but it has happen to me twice now and it is making me fairly frustrated. I update the City Expansion with knowledge points and pay for it, the message comes up that says I have a City expansion, I go back to the town page to add it to the map and the expansion is not there. Please help, maybe there is a way to count how many expansions I should have and compare it to what I do have. I would really appreciate being able to use them like I am suppose to :).
I am an elf in two cities, Arendyll and Harandar, both towns are called Moonlight's Twinkle, if you need more info please ask I will help the best I can, hopefully you can fix this problem and reward me properly.

Best of luck,
Sunbeam cat

Alpha Lyrae

Well-Known Member
Just an FYI: For Research Expansions, you have to pay Research with KP and whatever goods are required to unlock the knowledge. Then, when you go to your buildings, you have to pay with gold to use the expansion in your town. So, it may have been that you completed the knowledge in Research, but didn't have the required coins to place the expansion.