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City of Cats- Recruiting Active, Friendly Players


New Member
New FS
All levels welcome.
We have a mix of experienced and new players.
Be friendly, considerate, treat each other with respect and be an active player.
Being an active player means building your city and giving neighborly help to FS members at least 3 times a week.

Participation in Tourney and Fellowship Adventure is required

This is a Boosted Good’s Only FS, except during FA.

Only post fair trades or better (2 or 3 stars) except to specifically help out a FS member. Junk Trades are fine to help a struggling FS member. Just be transparent about it and announce the deal in chat.

Keep Cross-Tier trades to a bare minimum and for emergencies only. When you do need to make a cross-tier trade it must be 3 stars except to specifically help out a FS member (see above).

If you are not going to be active in the game for a week let the FS know in chat and messaging. Members will be removed for no activity or communication after 10 days.