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City organization


Just a few quick points.
1. Try to place large buildings requiring street connection along the boundary of your city, and at the end of the street in particular. By doing so, you can reduce the number of streets dedicated to them. For example, currently your Magic Academy is adjoining 5 street tiles, and your Barrakcs 4 tiles. Both can be minimized to just 1 tile if optimized.

2. Try to utilize both sides of the streeet. Currently many street tiles in your city have buildings on only one side, meaning that you have more streets in your city than is necessary.

3. As you know, the shape of the city is not very conducive to space optimization. I feel you might be better off placing all the cultural buildings on the "extra" tiles (extra from the main 4x4 rectangle), and focusing all the other buildings that require street connection in the rectangle.

4. I see all three of plank, marble, and steel manufactories in the city. You should focus on your boosted types, and trade the boosted goods with other types of goods. You need to well-functioning fellowship to do this more easily.

5. This is separate from city organization, but try to refrain from spending diamonds on cultural buildings--they become obsolete very quickly in about just a couple of chapters.
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This is what I did as an example. I did it in a hurry, so it wouldn't be 100% optimized. Also, I prefer to put the same buildings together, but in your case I couldn't do so because it was a bit of a mess.

You can still see that even after securing the tiles to upgrade the residences, workshops, and manufactories, you still have 35 extra tiles in your city.