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Climb the Spire with the Misfits In Arendyll-US

We are looking for an active Spire player to join our merry band as we've recently lost a member to Elvenar Burnout Syndrome (EBS).

Boosts in Crystal, Marble and/or Gems are preferred.

The Misfits is a fun, supportive 10 chest and Gold Spire Fellowship on the move. We've gotten where we are through teamwork and organic growth. We have members from 100k to over 1 million ranking points and operate as a democracy.

We don't ask much: Fair trades, 3 visits, 300 points in the Tourney and reaching the High Halls in the Spire each week.

We work together to make this a better game for everyone. Leadership is spread across the entire FS. We rock FAs, Tourneys and the Spire. We have several active KP exchanges for Ancient Wonders.

Check out our Blog with tips, tricks and links to tutorials and other helpful info https://mistymountainmisfits.blogspot.com and member testimonials in replies.

To join the Misfits, reply to me here or in Arendyll on the US server.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

Established August 6, 2017
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New Member
Great fellowship! I've been with Misty Mountain Misfits since it began, and it's my "home" world in my four cities. Fun folks, good atmosphere, committed players. Very welcoming to new players, too.


I had been a neighbor of Misty Mountain Misfits for some time and had cultivated a friendship with the archmage and a couple of the members who were also physically located near me. When I finally decided I needed a change, I joined Misty Mountain Misfits and really, really liked them very much. However, one day, I decided to try another fellowship, so I left the Misfits. The new fellowship was great….but, I really missed the people / friends I had made in the Misty Mountain Misfits. They just cannot be beat. So, after about a six month absence, back I came to the MMM crew. I cannot tell you enough how nice everyone is. And helpful???? My god, helpful / generous beyond measure. I have been in a few fellowships in the years I have been playing….and Misty Mountain Misfits is the best….has it all, great leadership, great people, great energy, just plain GREAT!!!!


New Member
I joined MMM a year ago (happy anniversary to me...2020-02-10) when my then current FS was falling apart due to the AM leaving to take care of RL. I can't believe it's been a year already! This is such a great FS. Good folks, helpful beyond belief - maybe the way RL should be.
Anyway, I have had tremendous growth in this past year - this FS stretches my game playing. I highly recommend you check us out - Misty Mountain Misfits (who somehow manage to "fit" together just fine!) in Arendyll. Contact FearlessDingleberry - our fearless leader - if you are interested in joining us.


New Member
This group has been a great experience in my growth. Lots of help and guidance if you ask for it. The archmage has set up a resource center to help you through the process. The object of the game is much clearer now. Contact Fearless Dingleberry , our AM, if you're interested in making a change. Ask questions. The swamp isn't that deep.


New Member
This is a great fellowship. I am new to Elvenar and this group makes it easy - help is always there for all my questions. If you are looking for an active, fun (sometimes crazy!) fellowship, contact our AM, FearlessDingleberry.