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Constant "server error" messages


Well-Known Member
First it was just on Winyandor. I could log in on Arendyll, Sinya, and Ceravyn.

Now, I'm getting it on Sinya, too. What gives?
Server error.png


Well-Known Member
Winyandor and Sinya for me. Just a couple of minutes ago, I got a message that the Elvenar website was down, but it reloaded fairly quickly.

I cannot believe the techies will let the whole site crash over an FA.


Active Member
We've made some adjustments, is the situation improved for those affected? Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you!


New Member
I cannot log in to Harandar (or anywhere). On the app I get 'an internal error has occured', on the pc 'there is a problem connecting to the server'


Well-Known Member
I'm here to see if anyone else having issues. lol I had this same error times earlier in the day. This evening I've been booted tic and have been trying to get back in for the most part. I'm in K world.