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Constant "server error" messages


Well-Known Member
First it was just on Winyandor. I could log in on Arendyll, Sinya, and Ceravyn.

Now, I'm getting it on Sinya, too. What gives?
Server error.png


Well-Known Member
Winyandor and Sinya for me. Just a couple of minutes ago, I got a message that the Elvenar website was down, but it reloaded fairly quickly.

I cannot believe the techies will let the whole site crash over an FA.


Ex-Team Member
We've made some adjustments, is the situation improved for those affected? Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you!


New Member
I cannot log in to Harandar (or anywhere). On the app I get 'an internal error has occured', on the pc 'there is a problem connecting to the server'


Well-Known Member
I'm here to see if anyone else having issues. lol I had this same error times earlier in the day. This evening I've been booted tic and have been trying to get back in for the most part. I'm in K world.