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Constructs - Set Bonus question


Active Member
Hi all,

Just entered Constructs a week or so ago, and wanted to confirm something: is it true that the 'set bonus' you receive from having your production buildings configured properly only applies to Elvenarin production?

Now that I've got all of my production buildings configured such that each one is touching one of the other 3 set buildings, I've got the 250% production set bonus unlocked. However, the tooltip indicates that only Elvenarin production is boosted -- there is no boost indicated for jellyfish/protein bars/electric shocks/air filters/humanium/elvarium.

If this is the case, it seems like (if I wanted to) I could just produce as much Elvenarin as I'll need for the rest of the chapter, and then I can configure the buildings however I want while producing all of the other goods (i.e., configure them in a way that better fits my city). Does that sound right to everyone?


New Member
I'm right behind you, I just entered Constructs recently. Did you ever figure out an answer to your question?


Buddy Fan Club member
I *think* it applies to all the productions in all the ports. Here's what I found on the Gems site explanation (put it in a spoiler so folks don't have to load it every time they load this page):
Each port can receive up to a 250% link bonus, depending on how many other Port types it makes contact with. Hover over the link bonus icon at the top of any production window to see what bonus is applying.


It is possible to arrange the 16 Ports in a way where each and every one of them earns the maximum link bonus. The way you arrange the ports will have a significant impact on your ability to produce a great enough amount of goods to progress through the chapter at a reasonable rate.
Here's a link to the Gems page that comes from with all the info on the Constructs chapter. It still says 'preview' but from what I can tell, it's pretty much complete:
Gems: Constructs


Active Member
I think the reason I got confused was because in the mobile UI when it gave production numbers, only the Elvenarin was 'green' indicating the boost (screenshot attached). Thanks for clarifying everyone, very much appreciated!


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Well-Known Member
Interesting...I am currently in Constructs in one of my cities, so will check this when my productions finish.

We may need a bug report filed for the other goods if they should be green also. I'll try to remember to look at mobile when I reset and see if I can tell.


You may not have all that is needed to make the other productions. They need specific small constructs and the pink Elvenarin.