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New Game Features Correct lack of sentient trades

Snaps are of my current soap trading options. Basically, non-existent unless you count the player(s) whom no one should reasonably be expected to trade with.

Suggestion: add an auto-pickup bot to review trades placed for sentient goods and fulfill those posed at 2 star or better if not exchanged by a real player within a set time period (say, 6 or 8 hours). There are too many of us who simply can't proceed with game play because we can't get an exchange for the non-boosted sentients needed for research and building.



New Member
I haven't looked to see what world you are playing, but if you are boosted in shrooms you should be OK. Just enter the trade you want.

if you are boosted in bismuth then you are screwed by the moonstone library set. Suggestions such as yours, as well as others, to fix the devaluation of scrolls, busmuth, and tree sap have been advanced many times. InnoGames declines to address the situation, except by nibbling at the margins with ineffective tweaks.

My solution was to write a snarky review and mostly quit playing. I check in from time to time to see if things have improved, but less and less often as time elapses. there are plenty of other ways yo spend my time.


Well-Known Member
His post is about Elcy and I know that trader and its clearly a parasite. They are boosted in planks, scrolls and Dust so for Sentient goods they are moonstone, velvet, and bismuth but Wonder of Wonders there are NO sentient mfg in that city? another parasite that is leeching off the work of others.

I am Gum, Velvet and Bismuth and it took over a week to just get the 75K in soap to upgrade my Timewarp. So no going further in this city ...


On Winyandor it's all 0 and 1 star trades too. It takes forever to get enough platinum to get through Elementals. I just made it out to see it's pretty much the same in Amuni. Elvenora seems to control all the trades. It's ridiculous. I never trade with them.


New Member
Trading parasites are annoying but they aren't the cause of the problem. They are merely taking advantage of an unhealthy market. If InnoGames hadn't decided to pump certain goods into the game, thereby putting cities boosted in those goods at a severe disadvantage, the parasites would be unable to make a profit of the desperation of others.

if a game is no fun, stop playing
the game is also designed on the assumption that there are enough active high level sentient traders to swap out 250k+ at once.
unless you luck out doing it piecemeal, you end up with half your trades decaying before you can open the research.


Well-Known Member
I drop a quick thank you note, whenever a trade was taken in a timely manner, and I have a minute.
By the way thanks to all on Winyandor who are supporting my modest efforts.