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Couples welcome!


Chef - loquacious one
We've had a lot of couples in our fellowship and sometimes they come at the same time...and, sometimes have to leave as well. We just lost one set and thus, have 2 openings. We'll take "singles," of course....but if you brought a friend? We'd be pretty happy with that too.

We are Starship Valiant- (don't forget the dash) and we are 11 chest and silver moving to gold. We offer a quiet, focused, and steady growth environment with a lot of experienced players. If you are looking for a low to no stress place without drama, we are a good match.

The only "minimums" we have is 50k pts and a commitment to do 1200 tournament points weekly (averaged over 4 weeks). Expectations are: 5 or more visits per week, Spire participation, FA enthusiasm when we "go for it" (no more than 1 time a year or so -- depending on the timing), and a willingness to learn some of the unique things we do. Like Rune Shard Exchange, 100KP Exchanges, Wonder Wednesdays, Shout Outs, and Fast Shout outs. All of which enhance our fellowship.

If you are interested, just let me know.

And bring a friend.

AJ (Ajqtrz)