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Crisis Averted, but new members are always welcome.

Grid Gypsy

Well-Known Member
Kattegat's Lege currently has 1196 points on the Spire with 3 more climbers working hard to finish at the top. Unfortunately, one of our members is MIA, and if they continue to be a no show we will be 7 points shy of gold. We're looking for someone willing to jump in and do at least one level, up to you whether you want to stay or leave afterwards. And yes, I realize it's FA week. We're doing one path this time, after taking 2nd place last time, if you'd like to stay through that.

Kattegat's Lege has it's first gold in the spire! We are still in search of two regular members, preferably boosted in planks or marble and dust or gems, who love climbing stairs. See our regular post in my sig and feel free to contact me here or in game with any questions.
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