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Not a Bug Crop Rotation quest - does not count Orcs - which is the quest.


New Member
In the Crop Rotation quest, the task is to "Deliver 1000 Orcs".
I have done that numerous times via Orc Nest and Armory but the total still stands at 0 of 1000.

BTW, somewhere I saw a list of additional information that someone is suggesting that we include. If Inno really want/need it, then make it part of the Bug Submission Form.

I play on a US server in the place that starts with an F. (that should be selectable in a dropdown)
(What else did you want?)
How to reproduce it? I don't know - it just is.

Thanks for looking into this.


Well-Known Member
I just did that quest: In my case, I had to click the + button and actually "deliver" the orcs from my stash. For whatever reason, simply producing/collecting orcs doesn't count.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, "Deliver" generally means "take out of what you have" not "collect from what you are producing." I made the same error too many times to count. Click on the + sign to deliver from your current inventory and you will be fine.



New Member
@ajqtrz Thanks!! I have never seen that before. (for my future self- ) I found the + on the description of the quest and there is a progress bar in case you can only deliver a part of the total requested.