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Culture and goods

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That is the one that MinMax came up with. I needed the expansion 40 and after that was done, that was the next quest to do. I found it. It is something I haven't earned yet in research.
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It also says Gloria Megia et Elvaritatis. Looked for a culture or a spot to purchase or earn and I am lost Please explain this one to me


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@Heming , I am having a hard time figuring out what you are referring to, also! There is a list of quest requirements on a very useful website, but it does not have the titles of the quests or the storyline text along with the requirements. I will post the link for you here and you can peruse at your leisure. If you are able to grab screenshots or more completely quote the text of the quest, we can be better help.



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How do I upgrade cultures? I don't understand what to do. I know I have 2, that I have to wait until I get to level 4. Does it take rune stones?


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There are two types of buildings that give culture. Things you win in events, and things you build with your builders. The event culture can be updated, but needs specialty Royal Restoration spells you can only get from winning multiple chests in a fellowship Tournament. the buildings you create with your builders can't be "upgraded" per se, they have to be torn down and replaced with others.

Besides buildings, more advance forms of roads/trails can also add culture. If you only need a little, you might be able to get it from building better roads. They don't give very much, but you build them over-top of older roads, so they don't take up extra room.


I am still lost on the elemental section. There are 3 different items that I have not been able to get. To advance in game you need to unluck areas but they need those 3 items. I do not see anywhere how to get it. I know I am being foggy about it but I am old and can't remember what they are called. I am about to delete this game completely as I can't advance any further until I get the help I need to understand it

Enevhar Aldarion

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@Heming You need to do your research and upgrade the tier one factories and your Trader to unlock those three Sentient goods.

In addition to the three new Sentient Goods you listed, there are four Elemental-specific production buildings you have to build, one for each element and each on produces a specific item plus the Elvenar Essence. Those are all the new goods added in this chapter. And the only one you can get when using portal profit instants is the Essence.


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Ok, those are the Sentient goods. They will be produced in marble, steel, and planks factories (respectively) that have been upgraded to lvl 25 and above. Once upgraded to those levels, the Sentient goods will appear where your current 24hr and 48hr productions for the basic Tier 1 goods are now. The example in the wiki is for marble factories and can be found here:
Wiki Sentient Goods
If I'm looking at the right city on ElvenStats, you are boosted in marble for your T1 goods. That means you will be boosted in steel for your S1 goods. So, you need to build a steel factory and get it to lvl 25. Then you can produce Platinum and trade for Moonstone and TreeGum just like you now produce Marble and trade for Steel and Planks. You will need to unlock the techs in the research tree in early Elementals to allow you to upgrade Tier 1 factories to lvl 25, and you will need to unlock the Advanced Trader tech and upgrade your Trader to be able to trade Sentient goods.