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Hello Curious about fellowships


New Member
I've been playing about a week and I am getting my bearings fairly well. Still new enough to notice new things like dragging my mouse pointer over a row of the city to collect resources. I have gotten a few fellowship requests but they are all 1-member fellowships. Is it advisable to look at the world map for nearby players' fellowships or do most people look for them here?

Crow Last Elf

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Welcome to the game! An active fs will become your primary trading partners, so to have the most options possible, try to avoid having more than a few neighbors in your fs.

There is nothing wrong with 1 person fs, as long as they don't stay at 1 or 2 for long... if I joined a new 1 person fs, I would only stay if the fs quickly recruited a strong core of active players (since I play daily).

Read some of the fs descriptions you'll notice that the amount of activity expected of a member varies greatly. Pick the one that sounds most like your playing style and don't be afraid to leave after a few weeks if it doesn't suit you or meet expectations. As a new player, you may want to seek a fs that has a few experienced people that are wiling to guide you.

Post a message in the thread for "Members seeking fs" in the correct world and use the website Elvenstats to investigate fs that contact you (or you want to contact), see when it was formed, it's history, if it has a bunch of inactive players.

Use the fs ranking board to apply to fs -- go as high as you dare. Often the description on the fs says if they welcome new cities.
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Welcome to the forum. Make sure you check out Elvenstats.com when you find a fellowship you think you might like. On that site, you can enter the name of the fellowship and find out a great deal about how active they are. If you see a lot of black triangles next to the names of players in the fellowship, that's a sign that it might not be very active. Also, check your boosts (the items that you can make that give you the most return). You'll have one boost of either marble, plank or steel, a second boost of either crystal, silk or scrolls, and a third boost of gems, dust, or elixir. Check out what the fellowship needs, and try to pick one that needs at least one of your boosts. If you choose a fellowship that has a glut of your items and needs others, you may find trading difficult. Good luck!


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Did you find a friendly fellowship? I am either Archmage or Mage in 3 different fellowships: Khelendaar, Arendyll, and Winyandor. If you are in any of those 3 worlds, we have openings. Message me if you are interested.


New Member
thank you all for your nice replies. I did find a fellowship and we will see how it goes (I *am* a newbie afterall)