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Current posting.


I can think of several reasons, but am not quite sure what you're asking, so let me guess and you can correct me if I'm wrong.

You look at the list of Recent Postings and you see a thread. Out in the right hand side it shows that SirArrrgggh commented on the thread at 2:15 today. You open the thread and the first thing you see is a posting by @SoggyShorts which is dated November 2, 2018 at 7:45. Right?

The answer seems to be that it opens the thread at the last posting that you have seen (or the beginning of the thread if you haven't looked at it). If you go down to the bottom of the screen and page up to [3] (or whatever number), you will find the posting by SirArrrgggh. This is based on my observations, not any knowledge of the Forum coding.


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This most commonly occurs when players are trying to recruit new members & for some reason, they dig through the list of 'ads' that players have posted & add a comment, offering them a new home, but they don't bother to check the date of the original post/request. I just found one now, where someone is offering a new home to a player that was seeking a new fellowship over 6 months ago.
I have even seen them post to ads that were placed 2 years ago & if they had just done a little research on @elvenstats , they would have found that the player stopped playing a year ago. :rolleyes:


I see the mods archiving some posts, like in the discussion threads (especially when a bug or something has been fixed), but I don't see archiving used in the "members seeking fellowship" or "fellowship seeking members" sections. Just today, two posts that are 2-3 years-old were necro'd in the "members seeking fellowship" section. One of the OPs isn't even searchable anymore. :p Too bad the archive feature isn't used for more sections of this forum. I would like to see that implemented, particularly with those two sections.


I can't help but wonder if this last post is meant to be ironic.

Hehehe, no. I thought, since this hadn't been resolved or addressed, and the issue was still current and open, it was okay to post! XD