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Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!!

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Dear Humans and Elves,

It's Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year! To help offset everyones spending we are giving away free diamonds for the next 2 hours to all who enter! We have pot of diamonds that will be split among all valid entries, and 5 entries will be randomly selected to be guaranteed 250 diamonds each!

All you need to do is tell us what you like about the game!!!

The rules are simple -
  • One entry per player account
  • You must tell us at least one thing you like about the game
  • Normal forum posting rules apply
  • Entries must be received by 8:59pm EST on 11/27/2017

(Entries will be hidden until the giveaway is over, so please don't worry if your post isn't visible)

We look forward to hearing from you below!


Thank you all for participating. We have received over 1100 responses! We need to go through and validate that entries do follow the only rules posted above, and then we will announce the diamond amount everyone will receive as well as the (5) 250 diamond posting number winners!!

The random posting numbers who have received 250 diamonds each are #1005 (leo455), 845 (vixenfun), 120 (grell), 6 (bestcook) and 574 (queen naja).

Congratulations to these winners!

Due to the volume of additional entries, we are still working to determine the amount we are able to split among you and will keep you posted!

--- Final Update ---

Everyone who entered will receive 25 diamonds credited to their account. Since the entries do need to be manually moved from the forum to game and then processed, I'll be adding diamonds for... a while before everyone has them :p

... and done!
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I like designing my city and figuring out how to upgrade things to fit. :)


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I enjoy using my limited space / time resources to build up an efficient production city, which I then use to help out others in my fellowship with fair trading to get parts they need and fill in gaps for myself.


I love the graphics and creativity in the designs. Some things are soo pretty!


I like having fellowships. Meeting lots of great people. Also love the tournaments and special events are awesome. Love earning the buildings and meeting the challenges. Also love the artwork.


I enjoy the interactions with my fellowship and neighbors! Building the comraderies and helping each other learn and grow.


I enjoy playing this uncomplicated, straight forward game, easy to get into and easy to leave. This is my first attempt at this type of game, it's a welcome break from all the mmos I have been participating in:p
No complicated battle macros to make, no boss raids that last for hours and still can fail and mostly no wardrobe to worry about...(tell me does this make my hips look big? be honest now)
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Reorganization of the playing field challenges my brain!


New Member
I love hanging out and collaborating with my FS! The artwork in the game is beautiful too! you have some great artists working with you.


I have found the game to be challenging and stimulating. I enjoy the interaction with other players. Keeps my mind sharp and provides excellent entertainment.


I love the graphic and beautiful scenery - playing with a fellowship is a bonus - helps to make the game more fun :)


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I enjoy the challenge of planning the long term development of my city and the interaction with like minded people


I like that i can spend mindless time playing and it helps me relax


The graphics are stunning and imaginative, and I love progressing through the Knowledge Tree and expanding my city as new buildings and levels are unlocked.
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