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I love building the kingdom, watching it transform with every upgrade, helping others achieve their goals. the graphics are great. and the team work in my fellowship is great.


I love escaping into the land of Elvenar with all the unique characters, buildings and their characters. The game play can be as intense or laid back as you prefer. The people you meet and the friendship you make are a big BONUS!


I like not logging on to find out your place has been attacked and destroyed.


What I like most about Elvenar is my fellowship! It's an amazing group of people who support each other and have tons of fun. Plus, I met my boyfriend in my fellowship - totally serious!! :)


New Member
I spend many, many hours in this game. The graphics frequently crack me up! I love the subtle complexities of the game; I love it that I can go to bed at night and my city won't be decimated while I'm asleep. I think the quests are great! And I think the INNO staff and game developers try hard to continually improve the game. I'm happy playing. Thank you, Inno. Thank you, Developers. You guys rock.


What I like the most is the community of and within the Fellowships I have within a few of my worlds. Different folk from around the world, with different thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, who have come together and help one another.


the challenge of competition between the players and worlds. the strategy involved to expand, conquer and grow knowledge.


I love that i can take my game mobile with me though i wish that tournaments and fellowship stuff was accessible on the mobile


the friends made in the FS and the challenge of building and rearranging


I enjoy the social aspect of the game with helping neighbors and fellowship members, while being able to see how they have developed their cities. I would love more avatar options.


I hope I am entering this in the right spot :)

Some of the things I love about the game:

1: It makes me feel relaxed - I dislike games that leave me all stressed out, as the point of playing a play is for fun and relaxation (at least for me)
2: I enjoy the different events as it breaks up doing the daily items
3: I enjoy the friendship I have gained in my fellowships and others I have discovered and helped.
4: I like knowing the developers listen to people - as if our opinions on the game matter. Even if what we have to say may not change anything - I am still left feeling like I was listened to and heard.

Thank you for creating a game I love playing and don't see my ever given up.

- Tam (aka ithaki2)


This game is a really enjoyable way to wind down at the end of the day.


I like visiting members of my guild, as well as friends' cities and taverns. I like the surprise of sometimes receiving forge-points and blueprints. I like strategizing in order to economize on space and goods.
I play as blackbudahfly on Elycsandir, Arendyll and Sinya Arda. I like Elvenar because it is continually changing and improving. I look forward to logging into see what new things are happening. This includes events, but all the every day things too. Like when I upgrade a building and get a new design or shape to that building. I love rearranging my city and the chat feature within my Fellowship. I love the designs of event buildings and all the graphic detail put into each building from event buildings to regular workshops.


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I love the animation when one of the enemies starts to fall. They are all so awesome. The way the Heavy Melee wobble is best of all.


I like being able to play in different worlds. I also like the beautiful graphics and getting help from my fellowship.
Thank you! This game is reallyfun
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