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I love the fellowship aspect of the game, being able to communicate with, and help other players.


It's an enjoyable escape from a terribly stressful work and home environment.


I LOVE building my city bigger and more beautiful everyday!!♥♥♥ AND I LOVE the friends I have made♥♥♥


I started the game about 1 year ago and have ended up in a FS I love. They are all helpful and everyone seems to enjoy the "chat". It's the way I like to spend my leisure time!


One of my most favorite things about Elvenar is the beautiful scenery. I really appreciate the time and the artwork put into every detail. This makes me want to upgrade the buildings just to see what the next one will look like. I like the opportunity to socialize with my fellowship members and visit their worlds and gain ideas on how to improve mine. I look forward to escaping and spending some time in Elvenar each day.


New Member
I played many different games 18mths ago and never took them to seriously until I started playing Elvenar. Started in Arendyll, learned how to play properly as had a fantastic fellowship to teach me how to play and progress and I thrive on success so this then became such an addiction that I started cities in the rest of the US servers (I live in the UK) and then I recently started playing in a Beta fellowship which is fantastic. I am AM in 2 fellowships (Sinya Arda and Ceravyn ) and have written WITTY DITTY rhymes for both and also for my Arendyll one too. I love putting into rhyme all of my 'Aspirations & Expectations' for these fellowships and it has been a great attraction too as people read, agree that it's the style of game play they want and ask to join.

'Titanium Troops' is the name of our team
Soaring up the leaderboard is our greatest dream
'Experienced', active members, visting, trading together as 'One'
And we will have a fellowship full of great success and fun.

We build only 'own boosted goods' it's for the best
What you don't have you will trade from the rest
This saves wasting coins, population, tools and space
And this will help us to all get well ahead of the race

'Golden Hands' visits to everyone 'are expected' of you
And all of the members will also visit you too
Coins, culture, relics, chests and spells you will gain
And visit your world neighbours for all of the same.

Fair trading and regular/or daily visits is our main aim
If we all adhere to that then we can get ahead in the game
It's a fellowship for fun, no place for drama or a slow pace
as we are all keen and eager to get ahead if the race

If you have any problems or might be away
Please let me know and it will ensure you stay
Chat is very useful to plot and to plan
Or just ask for help and we will if we can :)

So all I can say is follow these rules, now go and do your best
and we will romp up the leaderboard and rise above the rest :)

This shows you how we play in our cities and I am currently penning a Xmas Witty Ditty for my 'Troopers & Troopettes of Titanium Troops & Titanium Troops 2. I recently bought an I-pad pro to enable me to play with Puffin Browser while on holiday and was able to participate and manage both fellowships while cruising in the Caribbean, it did cost me $300 for wifi for 9 days on the ship but when you are an 'Elvenar addict' then it's the price you pay as well as buy diamonds now and then too. I love all the new ideas and adventures and Elvenar will never get boring as the developers are always a step ahead to keep us interested and very busy, showing often that Patience is a virtue :)

Please consider me worthy of some Diamonds for participating in this Forum post
Thanks Jules58


I play forge of empires what I really like about this game is when you level up buildings they change and get better with a different look which forge of empires doesn't have.


I love when I upgrade a building to a new level. I always get excited about what it will look like. The one I am working on now is the magic dust. It is getting just awesome looking. I also like the brain work you have to put into this game to get it going like it should


Puzzles are fun! It is like Tetris, but even more challenging.


I like the ability to interact with other players and work on the various quests and challenges


I like the personal challenges and the team work of being in a felloowship


The graphics are great. Love the variety of things to do--it keeps the game from getting boring.


I like the fellowship, the quests, the graphics, building the city..... this is a great game!!!


I've decided to try this one because in "Forge of Empires", I'm just waiting to accumulate forge points while saving coin bought points for anything big I'd want to get right away. VERY much similar, as far as I can see, very little differences so far. What I do find more enjoyable and appealing in Elvenar compared to FoE (which I will still stay with as well) is, personally to me, this feels more realistic with needing builders hired instead of just as much as you want at once provided enough coin and supplies, and also how you can upgrade the existing buildings already placed for stronger boosts instead of just selling off + replacing with current age accesses.


I enjoy the closeness of our Fellowship and how we work together in this particular game. I love how my city changes with new section I play.


I Just Love the Game ! My Daily activity , all Day & Nite ! Who doesn't Love Elves, Fairies and all that beholds ! The Customer Service and Team Efforts by Elvenar is the Best !


I like that in this city building game, we actually help each other. there is real teamwork. not just teamwork within your fellowship but with players who happen to be around your city. we also work together in various ways. trading, visiting, putting knowledge points into ancient wonders.
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