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Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!!

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I am berlou on US server in all 7 worlds. I enjoy this game because it keeps my mine busy and its fun gives me a challenge and I meet other people that enjoys the game For me I get to be a archmage and have followers something in the real world that I never would have been able to do


Hi There Inno! My number one LOVE of the game, which brought me here to play and has kept me here for over 2 years now, are the graphics! You guys are the best of the best at this and continue to surprise and delight me with what you develop!


It's Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year! To help offset everyones spending we are giving away free diamonds for the next 3 hours to all who enter! We have pot of diamonds that will be split among all valid entries, and 5 entries will be randomly
I love the graphics. I usually run the game on 'low' but occasionally I put it on 'high' and just spend time watching the game. I enjoy the actual city building and all the balancing acts that go into allowing it to run smoothly. I like the events. It's nice to have some challenges that don't effect my real life. Thank you Elvenar!
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I first tried playing Elvenar on just a lark thinking that I would soon tire of it. But the more that I got into the game, the more complex and nuanced it became.I can see how some players participate for years. I have been playing Elvenar for about 8 months now without a trace of boredom. Each level presents new challenges and problems to solve.The Elvenar team does a great job of keeping the game interesting and fresh.In my next city maybe I'll try being an elf.


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I just started playing this game three days ago. What I like most is that those big players are helping me by donating some coins as well as buying up my small trade offers.


I love this game because I gives me a chance to challenge my resoursefulness at building cities. They are my babies.


I like how I can reset my factory's and work shops to different hours. It helps when my schedule changes.


I like
  • getting maximum culture bonus from neighbors and fellowship members visiting my city.
  • placing a new expansion in my city
  • tournaments


My favorite thing about Elvenar is the friendships that are created by playing the game with others.

Nectar of the Gods

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I enjoy helping both the people in my fellowship and the people in my neighborhood. I also like receiving treasure when I visit a player!

I have also enjoyed the tournaments, the special events, and the fellowship adventure.


The world of Elvenar has been an excellent tool in which I taught my child about government and economics.


I enjoy the game for the fellowship involved and enjoy completing each chapter. It is fun to upgrade my city and compete with everyone. And now we get diamonds after the completion of a chapter!! :)


I enjoy the city planning and resource management of the ever growing and advancing city Buildings.


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I most enjoy watching a building's metamorphosis as new levels are achieved. The creativity involved in developing the character of each is incredible.


My favorite thing about the game is probably how I can generally play as much or as little as I want without major consequences, and it is so beautiful. The graphics and imagery are all just lovely, especially when my computer can actually handle my turning on the animations. Thank you for all you do!:D


My favorite thing about the game is the varied graphics! I also love that we can interact with other players via the chat line and by messaging!!
I love the fairy guest race. I also like the fellowship adventures where everyone comes together. I am in three good fellowship which makes the game so fun.


Well it's great to play at work..which is probably a bad thing to say. Heh. But I can set a bunch of stuff rolling in the morning. Go do somethings, come back, and collect.
I have one program I data entry in, and it takes forever to save, but I have to save between every step. So I just tab over to the game, visit a few people, and back to my data entry.
I really like the visiting format in the mobile version btw. Very handy and fast.


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I really like the Team aspect of this game. Most other games similar to this one are either solo play, or have you fighting other players. From my time in this game, this is a major plus for most people who've given up on those other games that involve player v player. The Team aspect also draws people from solo play for the social interaction involved. Keep things this way, it's much more enjoyable! :D
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