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One of the many things I enjoy about playing Elvenar is the Quests. They are creative and challenging. The prizes are fun to acquire and in our fellowship we set goals and help each other reach them, developing relationships between players. It is a great way to grow your city and advance in the game. Keep 'em coming!


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I like Elvenar because I can play at my own pace, build cities that are beautiful and which no one can destroy (like in other games), and help my teammates achieve success. The game has a competitive feel to it, yet it is cooperative also. I also love the gorgeous graphic art; the developers have put much thought into every aspect of every building. The game is challenging, yet very doable.


I've been playing Elvenar since the summer of 2015! I love getting to know members in the fellowships, and getting to work together with trades, tournaments, events and now the fellowship adventures!
I've seen a lot of changes happen in the 2+years I've been playing and it's been great getting to see new things added every few months to the game! Elvenar has enabled an opportunity to create long lasting friendships with other players. I look forward to seeing what the next few years bring! :)
~CiraKelley, BlackthornRaven


I enjoy Elvenar because it allows people of all ages to play the same game.


I enjoy how the game continues to evolve with more and more capabilities, adventures and team playing.


I like the fellowship adventures. It is nice to be able to work together and share in the rewards. I'm not a very good fighter in the tournaments, so the fellowship adventures give me a chance to do something with the other fellowship members that is easy and fun.


I like the way that buildings aren't allowed to be rotated so more thought and planning has to be put into a city/kingdom.
I like how you can toggle graphic quality and atmospheric effects in the options menu as it really enhances the game play! :)


I love playing with the members of my team. We work together and support each other like a real kingdom


I can play at my own pace. Get alot of help from other players. Don't like having to play one on one.


I love the community aspect of the game -- through my fellowships, I've developed some great friendships with wonderful people. On top of that, there's a collaborative element to the game that you don't get with a lot of "city-builder" games. It keeps things interesting and exciting! Thanks, Elvenar!
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I think what I like the most about the game is the amount of thought which has to go into arranging our cities in order to fit everything in. It is always really frustrating when we run out of space and/or the buildings change shape again, but with some creative finagling (and some province expansions) we can somehow make everything work again. I always feel really accomplished when I finally get every piece of the puzzle put back together. Though I would really appreciate a few more expansions scattered throughout the tech tree. Clearing nine or so provinces for each 5x5 expansion is a little rough..


This is like asking ...what is your favorite cloud...all of them....I love this game and play in two worlds since the game began.I really enjoy the friends that I have made and working as a team and a part of a Fellowship the feeling of accomplishment and being needed. I enjoy building most of all and changing my city and yet keeping it beautiful and functional at the same time. I do not really like fighting and so I cater but this works well for me since I love trading and goods have never been an issue. The game is my release from real life and gives me much pleasure.It also makes me feel good to help others along the way although I am not very game knowledgeable our lives touch in other ways.All in all it is a great game for many and so glad I have the time to enjoy and reap the benefits. Thanks! Cindy Wallace


I can get lost in my city and my world at least for a while during the long day of my day to day routine


I thing I like about Elvenar the most Is the way you can build up the buildings and every one is a little different. I also like the way you can explore the world and visit neighbors. I enjoy the Fellowship life v/s on my own, it gives you someone to talk about the game to.


I like Elvenar for the people you meet and make up close team in tournaments.


I like that there's always something to do. Sometimes easy sometimes not so much but it is engaging and fun.


I love my FS. Elvenar is a social game with players that interested in helping each other grow. I love that you can take a break when needed and not feel like you missed out.


I love building my city. My goal is to reach the end of the tree - only in Orcs - and have the city the way I want it while waiting for the next guest race.
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