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I enjoy meeting new people and trading with them. We have our own little group and help each other out when possible.:)


My favorite thing is the fellowship and the ability to play the adventures and tournaments as a team so I have met some great players. I love being able to also visit the neighbors and trade with each other. I also have to say the support team is great even if I may have what they may think is a dumb question they just respond very nicely and very promptly. Thank you!


what i like about elvenar is the upgrades..keeps me working hard at making a beautiful city


I like most of the game except the fights as I am still learning how to do it but the graphics and building are awesome. It very addictive my kids are threatening to ban me from the game as I love playing.
Thanks for such a wonderful time.


New Member
I like this game because you don't have to fight against the other players and have to worry about your city being wiped out while you're offline.


I am not a new member, I have been playing several years. Long enough to be into the Sorcerer's. I have started a new city on Arendyll to help me be able to help the lower level players in my fellowship on Winyandor.


things I like about the game are building cities, teamwork between team members when pulling together for a tournament or quest, meeting new players and discovering new lands!


I like that most of the time the game is a casual, make use of spare time, relaxing game.
Most of the people I've met in game are friendly and are willing to carry on a conversation.


There is much to love here. The incredible, crazy, wonderful artwork, for one. There are so many faces everywhere, lol! And, I like that I can go at my own speed. It helps that I was able to find a good first home for a fellowship. I have made friends, not easy in today's world and am building myself an ever changing garden. The in -game competitions could do with a bit more equality; those with money can always do better, faster, and with benefits. Still, I have become a dedicated player and sometimes wonder if there is life after Elvenar.


I like the continual evolution of the city. It is not simply built and maintained. I like that it evolves.
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I like the way players in the world and guilds can help each other to get further in the game.


Hello Elvenar gods! I am Aurria, the Protector of all living things!

lol--Okay anyway...What I love about the world you have built are the battle animations and how detailed it all is. In other browser games, they do not really take the time to put in detail, they keep it very 2D and unanimated like there is no depth to it that draws you in. Great job to your entire team! Happy holidays to you all :]

- Aurria


Been Playing this for a long time now ...
Not really sure why :$ but still I love it ... find it Relaxing and Soothing (most of the Time)
Guess I must like to see my City Grow & Expand !
Like my Fellow Members, like the variety offered with the Guess Races even if sometimes it drive me Mad ;)
Wish you All Enjoy the Game as I do
ToxicAvenger ;)


the difference in the 2 worlds graphics. The elves and humans have such different styles and colors


I like that, unlike some other games, someone cant send a massive army and destroy me every day while I'm working!
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