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I LOVE the Elvenar game because of interactions in fellowships that still allow a personal touch in every part of the city.
For instance, the tournaments help increase communication with-in the fellowships. The rewards as they are equal is a major incentive for all to join a fellowship and participate in team work with a SMILE :) from rewards earned by everyone !;). Cities have superior recommendations for the class chosen to play. However, there are various ways to play in the development of a city that make each unique. :rolleyes: with personalized building placements.


What I like about the game is that it has a good balance between competition and co-operation. You need to co-operate to compete but the competition is at a low enough level - not a fight to the death - that everyone can play the game at their own pace, and improve the best they can. Overall, a very fun game.


One of the things I like most about Elvenar is the variety. There are different challenges, on occasion multiple challenges at the same time (ie chapter quests, daily quests, tournaments, and special events) Some require you to handle on your own, some require the help of your fellowship or neighbors encouraging communication. Each new chapter brings about a new story, which represent to me a time of inclusion, where multiple races coexist working together until you have successfully completed all the tasks. There is no failure, just different ways to reach the conclusion.

PS I absolutely love the way the new app notifies you of a production completion, trades taken and so on. I can be somewhere in the house doing a chore, get the notification and then either take care of it on the app or go to my computer.


I like the fellowship adventures. It brings the fellowship together... Builds a better team...thanks


The thing I like the most about the game Elvenar is trading. At first I was nervous putting up trades, but now I really like to do them because I can set the conditions of the trades rather than waiting for someone else to post trades I might want. It's also rewarding to accept trades from people in my Fellowship because I know I am helping them as well as myself.


I really like the concept of the different races as you go through the chapter. It adds a lot of different variety to the game as you progress without just adding more and adding more. You get new and varied different resources that are produced in through those chapters makes you take different approaches, but doesn't just keep adding the number of things to produce, balance, etc. For me it is a very unique and refreshing approach to the city building genre.


I love the city and building my city and playing with my Fellowship ^_^


The thing I love the most about Elvenar is the forum moderators. Especially the ones in charge of picking the winners for this contest. :D


I love the graphics in this game. Colorful, the buildings change at upgrade time is usually very noticeable and colorful. Each type of buildings's unique look, make it easier to find specific buildings in my crowded towns.


The ART! Sometimes it's months spent gaming at 75% zoom, then once in a while I'll zoom to 150% and put the animation on high to see the detail. Also whoever invented the click-drag-to-collect is a wizard, very satisfying.


I like building the cities, although mine tend to look a bit junky, but eventually it seems to work out. :) I really like the tournaments and figuring out how to fight effectively in them.


I like the province challenges and seasonal celebrations...they are always new and exciting! Just what we need to get reimspired!


Thanks! I like the challenge of building a city with all the resource limitations. It's fun to try to figure out how to get the most out of each square.


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This game is sooo addictive....I love it! I like best that I am only able to advance at a certain pace which not only allows me to better understand the game...but draws me back multiple times a day to try to accumulate as much KP/gold/supplies as possible.


I love the way you guys handle any problems with grace. You guys are really cool and awesome.
Happy Holidayss!!!!


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When I came here, I was all about city building, did not want anything to do with combat. Now, I really like fighting! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :D
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