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Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway!

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What a great concept! I love your game and all the different aspects of gameplay. You guys know how to keep things interesting!



Glad to see you're getting into the holiday spirit right out of the gate! Thank you!


Dear Humans and Elves -

Today is CYBER MONDAY, the biggest online shopping day of the year!!

To help with spending, for the next 2 hours everyone who stops in and posts below will be entered for a chance to win 1000 diamonds!!

The Rules are simple
  • One entry per unique player name
  • Leave us a brief message in THIS the thread (don't worry, it will be invisible but we can see it)
  • Please follow forum posting rules with the message
  • Post between now and 9PM Eastern Time.
Once the contest closes, we will select up to 10 winners for 1000 diamonds to be awarded tomorrow!!

That's all there is to it - and Good Luck!


New Member
Like the new enchant system. However it would be nice to be able to disenchant buildings already on the map too.

And I'd still like the day I can play it on my Fire.


Please pick me... I've had such an awful setback this week with my computer touchscreen freaking out when I thought it was asleep and selling off so much of my town. I could really use the extra diamonds to upgrade my builder to help get me back quicker!



Love playing the game I play it ever day and would love to win. Thanks


This game is a wonderful stress reliever for me. I hope I win!!! :)


Hey Team. Totally unsure what you are looking for in a message but ty for creating Elvenar. I am enjoying the game very much. Happy Holidays


New Member
Would like to know why I never see any tournaments notification icons in any of my cities. Thank you.


Well-Known Member
Happy Holidays to All of you out there that are working to make this game the Best ever! I could really use 1000 diamonds by the way! That would be an awesome Christmas gift. ;) Thank you!! :diamond::):diamond::D:diamond:


Hi there

I've been playing your game for about 6 months now, just started Fairies chapter and am enjoying it. The 'rearranging' when everything changes shape gives my brain a workout eh!

Have a lovely day ^_^
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