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Deletion of declineable quests


Today I awoke to find that two declineable quests have been deleted. They are "Research 1 technology" and "Spend 12 Knowledge Points". Both of which are obviously tied to the tech tree.
Although I can understand the devs thinking "why give extra reward to what your normal goal is", I believe they are missing a much more important concept. That is, this game relies heavily on fellowship help.
I am in a great FS, of which many players have completed the tech tree. At this point all they are doing is waiting for the next chapter to come out so they can advance, and helping their FS with trades and with KP's to other players Ancient Wonders. I just don't get it. Are the devs TRYING to get these players to quit? Taking away a reward for them helping others? We are already hoping they will stick around but they are quite bored in "wait" mode. Quite a few of the games biggest players have already quit as Inno is so slow with new releases.
At least give us back the "Spend 12 kp's" quest.
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Lyleth, I am within a week of completing chapter V and starting VI