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Diamond Purchased Provinces - Yes or No?

Lemon Wren

Well-Known Member
I have a bunch of diamonds sort of piling up and now I'm wondering if the little bit of extra space is worth the lessened hit (compared to gold purchased provinces) to tourney and spire my city will take.



Tetris Master
After having upgraded my Builders Hut and Magic Academy to lvl 5, I now only spend diamonds on expansions. I try to get them either at 10% discount (offered towards end of each event) or 20% discount (offered Black Friday/Cyber Monday only).


Buddy Fan Club member
Agree with the others above. Also, premium expansions are weighted less than province/research expansions in the tourney/spire structure. Holding off placing province/research expansion and purchasing one instead will have a bit less of an increase in costs.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Yup, I go first for MA level 3, Builder 3, MA 4 and 5, then builder 4, then expansions, with builder 5 mixed in there. I primarily spend diamonds on expansions; in my older cities I may pick up a bit of extra event currency.