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Diamonds and Snowflakes

Does anyone know if we will have another opportunity to buy diamonds and get surplus snowflakes? Otherwise, there is no way I will be able to get the third and final grand prize, since it requires a minimum of 5600 snowflakes, which I might have been able to do if I had realized sooner that I got more for my snowflakes by buying the 140 gift boxes and not the 50. I currently have 510/800 and it is really going to suck to get that close and not be able to get it and I have already finished the 100 quests and only have the daily left which only give out 35 each and appear to only have about 6 days left of them, unless I am wrong about that.


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appear to only have about 6 days left of them, unless I am wrong about that.
As far as I know the daily quests go right to the end, 18 more dailies.
Don't feel bad about buying the 50s instead of 140s- you only changed your chances from 0.4% to 0.2% SEE THIS THREAD
I would bet that there is one more sale coming either for actual Christmas, or the event.


If you click the + next to your total snowflakes you can buy snowflakes with diamonds. Not a great deal, but if you're only short by a little bit, it might help.