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1. Spire: *If* your FS get the purple bar high enough and you pass Gateway, you get 50 :diamond:, 75 :diamond: for finishing High Halls, and 125 :diamond: for finishing Lab. Best option. 275 :diamond: total if you complete Spire in a Gold FS.
2. Mystery Object chest (completing 100 vision vapors) in MA: 500 :diamond: every few chests.
3. Genie (won from Spire)
4. Goddess (won from events)
5. Daily Gift (app only)


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Also, within the Spire itself, in addition to the floor rewards listed by @crackie, diamonds are sometimes gifted in the encounter reward chests and mystery chests (these are not influenced by how far your FS as a whole reaches). I have gotten a good number of 15s and 20s from these.