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Does Bulwark=Pfffffffffftt


There is already a thread about the worthiness of AW's but after running the numbers on the Bulwark I just built I am having serious buyers remorse. Frankly this building is such a load of suck I will probably erase it soon.
Can someone tell me where the value is exactly? Do your numbers look different from mine? I'm going to ignore most of the building costs and just look at cost in relics and associated boost/production vs the cost to buy troops

let's say i want the 256 daily troops given by the bulwark and the 50 troop increase in training size

Option I- Bulwark
Size 5x8=28sq building
free 256 troops a day- if you collect every 3hrs
it increases base size in barracks by + 50 training size. They call this "bonus" but you do get the honor of paying for those troops with every production round.

Cost in relics, boosted= 66

Option II: extra workshop level 17 + armory level 17
space used
35sq total

256troops*32supply=8192 supply

Lets say I go to level 10 and don't replace the 66 relics it costs to get there.

My boost will go from 381% to 279%
(see yours here https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Relics )

Let's say I run it 4xday (3hr) + 9hr overnight.
If my number are correct-
I currently get 857 every three hours of which 679 is bonus (base is 178) and
1569 on 9hr run, 910=bonus 326base (422base)

Bonus goods lost= (679*4)+910=3626 on ONE manufactory.
I have FOUR so 3626*4
= 14496 goods
a day would be my loss if I don't replace the relics?
Please someone point out where I went off track and why this is incorrect.


I agree, the bulwark is not on my list of buildings to add to my city as it is in game now.

Troop production v's Troops available to send to the battlefield.. hmm.. perhaps it would have been better if it were 10% bonus to squad size at lvl 1.

The Bulwark - Benefits.
- Produces units of your first type every 3 hours
  1. - Increases the Barracks' Training Size.
The benefit of the Bulwark's Increase to Training size, could use less armories for a city to que troops building. That could be useful to get back population and culture from the armories to use in other buildings.
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This is a helpful analysis, Varron. So, as of now, we can conclude that building a bulwark is counterproductive.....

1) ...unless we continue to have capacity to produce far more Basic Goods than we can use. For example, right now I have 2.2 mil Basic Goods, which I'm planning to use for purchasing KP for the next chapter. Eventually we'll see what Inno intends - i.e. will we need all this manufacturing capacity or not. If we don't have use for all the goods then the production reduction question becomes moot - there just won't be any reason to keep producing them.

2) ...unless fighting may become a priority. If they do develop joint fighting, we may find it useful to have even a minimal secondary production of military units. This scenario means more emphasis on fighting and less emphasis on goods.

3) ...unless Inno changing scoring. The biggest mystery is why they didn't decide to modify the scoring mechanism to allow AW's to contribute to overall score! It's unfathomable, really. A Wonder should have the single highest score/grid of any building built to date, rather than penalizing players for building them.


When I was looking at the benefits to decide I kept mixing up troops with squads in my thinking.

I am hopeful for a development that expands and rewards fighting as hinted at in the december episode. That would create some value out of what currently seems more like a kick in the throat than a wonder. I would have the benefits tucked away in little expandable windows too, they're awful.
And they really need to revamp scoring. These buildings should add points at the equivalent value in regular buildings it would take to get the same benefits.
I'm a fan of the structure of most aspects of this game and think the production values were well thought out. This AW thing has been unimpressive and I hope they have some ace up their sleeve that turns this loser deal into something respectable.

With ancient wonders like these it's no surprise this guest race died out.