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Does the Ashen base show up in crafting if you don't have one?


Well-Known Member
No that has nothing to do with it. However each item in the magic academy is assigned to a specific 1 of the 5 slots. For example, all buildings offered in the MA share a slot. This means that each time the magic academy craft options rotate, you will only get 1 building to craft. Furthermore, if you are in the process of crafting a building then you do NOT get a new option. To maximize the chances of seeing artifacts, you need to have the slot they would appear in open each time the MA rotates. I believe (90% sure) the slot artifacts appear in is the same slot as relics and pet food. So make sure you are not making any of those when the MA rotates.
Correct the artefacts appear in the petfood / relics slot.
Last time I measured it the chance was 2% for the phoenix artefact to appear and 1% for the other.
Since they have added a few more different artefacts to the pool I am not sure the numbers are still the same. but on average you should see 1 phoenix artefact each 2-4 weeks assuming you see all rotations.


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I never even noticed this. I knew something was going on but didn't connect the two. Thanks.
All the slots work like this. For example if you are in the middle of crafting a Pet Food when they rotate there is 0 chance you will be offered a new Pet Food recipe in the next rotation.