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Donating coins to main hall


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
In your city name, you can request what kind of help you want. C is Culture, M is main hall, B is builder hut. That doesn't guarantee people will actually honor that request. I have "B & C only " in my city name yet people relentlessly help my main hall. Haha.
It's so hard when going quickly through a list of a few hundred to always give the exact right thing. I do try very hard to give what is requested. But if you click culture over and over and over and then pops up a main hall, your finger clicks the culture button before the main hall even registers.

It was actually easier to avoid giving the wrong thing when you had to go into a person's city. At least then you had time for the brain to register that this person may want something different. When you're just clicking a long list and so far 50 have wanted culture, it's not easy to switch gears in time. Of course, I'm not advocating going back to the old way, lol. It used to take me 90 minutes or more just to give gifts to all my neighbors, and that was boring. At least now I can easily have it done in 20 minutes or less.


Well-Known Member
What I have been doing lately is all the gold hands first on each page so I can go slow and read what they would like me to do, and then go blowing through the green hands until the next page.


New Member
Welcome! :) As above posts mentioned, you do this through neighborly help.

yeah…my mind also goes on autopilot when most people ask culture leading me to click on culture sometimes even when it’s something different. I pay a bit more attention to the gold hands and those that don’t specify get culture.
I wish that they could allow players to select preferences like in the AWs.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I have more of a "Beggars can't be choosers" approach. My hand can't be bothered to move from the same clicking position and my eyes can't be bothered to read if I'm to get through 40 pages of neighbors. I visited your city. Be happy!


When you first start out in the game, the Main Hall or the Builder Hut are the only possible targets. Once you research and build the Flying Boat or Whispering Trees then getting that boosted becomes more important. The game is fairly well balanced and you need to be flexible/alert enough to change preferences as your needs change. The good thing about Neighborly Help is it is quite a bit of extra gold for your own coffers for performing the task daily.