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Recruiting *Dragon Lairs* has one opening


Active Member
Welcome to *Dragon Lairs* we are looking for two\\\ make that one! active player - please contact our archmage, 43211234

Dragon Lairs is an Active, fun-filled and inviting Fellowship enjoying the long adventurous journey of Elvenar. Your active participation ensures your own growth and growth of your fellowship members. Fellowship provides us all a conduit to strengthen and encourage one another. It is Your Opportunity, Your Ability, Your Choice, We ask that You be the best ‘You’ as part of the fellowship.

Participation in Fellowship Adventures, Tournaments, and Spire of Eternity are the result of your choosing to become part of an active fellowship. Each Sunday “Fellowship News” will be communicated to inform everyone what we will be concentrating on as a fellowship team. We count on you to fulfill the commitment our fellowship needs from you. In the case of absence, we ask that you communicate promptly with us if at all possible. Otherwise we will attempt to reach out to you in order to assess our concerns for your continuing with us. Our goal is to foster a friendly enjoyable environment by which we can grow and truly fellowship together.

We are a ten or more Chests per week team, seek to become regulars at Gold Spire but are currently Silver Spire; mop the three map stages of Fellowship Adventures and end in the top 20 regularly.

Trades among team members should be no less than 2 Stars. Anything less with the general public is Not to be communicated on the message/chat boards. If you are in dire straits, contact the Mage team directly to discuss. If you are consistently having trouble securing fair trades on the market we will analyze and assist amap.

We do not do KP chains. Instead we do kp/rune swaps by private message. Our fellowship is generous with donations freely given, as we desire for everyone to upgrade their Wonders and city. Make an announcement when you have available chests.
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