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Dragons of Stilmyst needs 2 special players


Hello potential Dragon,

The FS is searching for two special players to replace two that are departing the game. We’re active and content, with a few rules.
#1 - please visit your fellow dragons 5 days a week
#2 - produce only your boosted goods except during events
#3 - limit crosstrading to keep from draining the FS resources
#4 - have a score of 300,000 or more to show commitment to the game
#5 - be willing to score at least 800 in the tourney each week

We get 10 chests weekly, have 5/10/20/30/50 KP chains, and are working the spire. Lots of help is available to those who want it. Special consideration to those with gems, dust, silk and marble. The Dragons are a no drama zone. Breathe fire at fellow Dragons and you will be asked to find a new cave. We’re super laid-back, so only pick one path for each level of FA.

Interested? Please message the ArchMage in game.

Venar El

Active Member
Is the 300.000 score minimal a hard or soft requirement? in any case im gonna take the "special consideration" card. im boosted in marble, silk and gems.

Im looking for a more socially active group. while still wanting to be the best, i did all of spire last week, and for this im at 52 spire points so far. and im doing around 1200-1600 tournament points weekly, with help of favorable trades.

My one drawback is my mighty 10.000 score. but as i see it, every great team needs a mascot, And i can pull off any costume ;)

Venar El