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Dragonsblood looking for 2 more active members!!


New Member
Dragonsblood fellowship is looking for new active member to participate in all our quests, adventures & tournaments.

We are looking for active players with a minimum personal score of 100,000. Boosted production in planks, silk or dust would be great but being an active, cooperative player is most important.

We are a fun and welcoming group that enjoys competition but we are not fanatics about it. We generally get 10+ chests in weekly tournaments, bronze & silver trophies in the Spire and top 20-50 in Fellowship Adventures. There is almost always a member that is able to answer questions online.

  • Contribute Knowledge Points when you can.
  • City growth (personal score) should show steady growth on a regular basis.
  • Members are expected to visit other members at least 2x per week.
  • No drama! This includes derogatory remarks, continuous negativity, sarcasm.
  • Participation in tournaments, spire & other events. We do like the challenge of tournaments & other events but it needs to be fun, not a chore or depleting your resources. Participation is expected in events but only with what you can comfortably do.
  • Absences - We understand that real life is alway the first priority so for absences beyond 7 days please notify a mage.
  • Working together takes communication and coordination.
  • If you are ready to participate in all quests, FS adventures and tournaments, and are looking for a fun, active and helpful fellowship, then Dragonsblood awaits you!
Please send an in-game message to aweslin (archmage) or GD99 (mage) to enquire.