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Open Druindar Farics Sigs and Avitars


Well-Known Member
@druindar faric I will not be liking your post above. I will miss seeing your creative artwork very very much.
I think i understand how you will miss it. As much as we will miss seeing it.
I hope you can eventually find a site that you can use or Inno changes.
There should be an easier way.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Hey Druindar, I will host your Sigs on my hosting site too. (when you get back to doing them). Sorry to hear of the death in your family. Times such as those are the hardest life deals us. Stay strong my brother!
I put your new sig that you made for yourself up on my hosting site so you can hook it up and have a sig again.

You have to copy the link above and paste it into the insert image button when you are on your signature profile page to get it to work. Click the link icon once it opens to get to where you can paste the link. if you have a hard time getting it going just message me and I will help you set it up!
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