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Dwarf Statue


Does anybody know how I can access a Dwarf Statue ? I got a challenge to build one, but I can't find it in my builder's menu. Can anyone help ?


produce= make something inside one of your production buildings
build=build something

Your quest states "produce Dwarven Statue"

A Dwarven Statue is not a cultural building, otherwise there would be a cultural building called that. You do get quests that come up requiring you to build specific cultural buildings, but those quests also tell you which building to make.

This quest is a production quest, the production it is asking you to make is located inside your copper foundry. Once you produce a Dwarven Statue from your copper foundry, the quest will accomplish.


Well-Known Member
This is a production from the copper foundry. Refer the 2 day production from the image below, image is from the wiki.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
This quest should be changed, I have had a few members in my fellowship that couldn't figure it out as well. It isn't very clear on what to do!! It should just say do a 2 day production of copper IMO.