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Dwarven Citadel


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If you are a fighting style of player are you using this and if so, what do you think of it now that it has been in your city for awhile now?


I'm a fighter and have it right now, only bc I have enough room currently without giving up my other stuff that is more important to me. I recently got into sentient goods and liked that it gave some sentient goods, and frogs, and orcs etc. Plus I think the one building is super pretty. I'm missing one of the buildings to it. When I need the room I will most likely teleport it. I'm only in chapter 13 so I recommend looking at what others say too.
Edit: not frogs, but the lizard looking dudes.
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it gave some sentient goods, and frogs, and orcs etc. Plus I think the one building is super pretty. I'm
It gives barrak troops, Mortar if you play human, and Golem if you play elf.
Perhaps you're referring to witch's hut that gives Frogs and orcs?


It gives barrak troops, Mortar if you play human, and Golem if you play elf.
Perhaps you're referring to witch's hut that gives Frogs and orcs?
Sry not frogs, but the lizard looking things to the left lol. And treants in another building of the set, and orcs, and seeds, and sentients etc. from some of the buikdings in this set. I'm an elf and when I got the set was in ch.12.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I don’t like that the layout looks like a Picasso because I have to squeeze in 2 Moon Vendors. At the same time, 2 Moon Vendors means 2 5% Vitality Surges daily (thx @The Fairy). I don't need to use them every week so they pile up as part of my war chest. Since they are also stackable in that you can use more than one per unit after an encounter, they are no longer just measly 5% adrenaline pills. Eventually, I'll have enough to do 100% revivals in multi-wave Spires without blinking an eye, which means it would be even easier, lazier, and sloppier to fight the Spire. For that, I will tolerate its current unsightly jaggedy Picasso layout. I have very high troop needs so free troop buildings will never be enough to make a dent in helping replace units, unless it's for useless Sword Dancers and Drone Riders that I never use. I don't need it for the sentients or the free troops. I have it for the Vitality Surges.

I'm missing one of the buildings to it.
You can still get the Vitality Surge without the last building, I believe. It just won't be the default nice and rectangular layout.


@crackie which building from the set gives it and how many connections are needed?
I had more connections but recently had to edit them only for temporary though. The old one I had I still was not getting vitality surge though.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Hope you can make sense of this...

6 pieces (missing 1) with all link bonuses:
GL = Gaming Lounge
G of D = Gates of Dawn
Temple = Temple of Sun and Moon
MV = Moon Vendor
GW = Golden Wish
M ot S = Memorial of the Savior


Lady Dastardly

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I have yet to meet a set that I don't like. I have it out in my Ch. 15 city, and will be adding it to my other city as soon as I change chapters and can rearrange. The Moon Vendor is my second best seeds per square producer. It will drop to 3rd once I finish Witty, but still, really good. I'm a fighter, but I cater some or all of the first 2 floors of the Spire because it's cheap and I can conserve troops. The 3 bldgs that give sentients give me enough T4 to cover those catering costs so that I don't need to produce any in my factories unless I need some for research/guest race productions. That saves on seeds. The Temple is my 2nd best orcs per square producer. The passive troops are gravy. I do think the value of this set is harder to evaluate than some of the others. Previous sets have tended to give a large amount of a single thing, making their value obvious, but this one gives smaller amounts of many different things, so it's trickier.


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I plan on putting it out as soon as I start parking, once I get into chapter 18 later this year. It looks very useful to me.


Oh Wise One
The amount of troops it provides are not that great. Don't get me wrong, I never turn down free troops. However the amounts of each type of troop it provides daily is less than half of 1 single training slot in any of my buildings. Right now it takes roughly 2.5 hours for my buildings to train a single queue slot (some variance depending on which of the three training buildings). So in other words, in roughly 5 hours my barracks can produce a group of Paladins and a group of Mortars. And the total amount of troops the barracks made is going to be more than double the daily output of Dwarven Citadel.

However the Citadel set is giving so much more in addition to the troops. All these figures are for a chapter 18 city, your results may vary. Daily orc output is 86% of the daily output of a max level armory if you are making orcs on a 12 hour cycle. If you have your armory on a 24 hour cycle, the Citadel set is better. Daily seed output is 83% of what a max level Festival Merchant makes daily. Daily sentient good output is equal to roughly three 3 hour runs from a max level manufactory. Other than manufactories and evolving buildings, the best sentient good producer available is Amuni Bar. And it would take 5 Amuni Bars to come close to the daily sentient good production of the Citadel set. Finally, you are getting population, culture, and the daily Vitality Surge spell. So all in all, the Citadel set is a tremendous value for the space it occupies.