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Implemented Dwarves?


OK - we have the basic humans that are in almost every 4x game on the internet, and we have the very unusual feature of the Elves as a playable race. So, what about adding Dwarves? Is that just un-doable?



+1 I'd accually like them to add Dwarves down the road once they have more of the basic game finished.


But why just 3 races? What's so special about Dwarves, and are you suggesting an entire additional set of city artwork?


I play Dwarf in every game that i have ever played that had them, like the lore and the look. Also they fit in this type of fantasy setting. Have since J R R wrote that book ;)

Kyle Tormain

I would like the Dwarves, also - They would be good at building stuff.
a lot of Fantasy based games also have Races like Orcs and Undead